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1 1 year ago General

The frozen time begins! During the last 60 minutes the standings is no longer updated, although each team continues to receive the judgements to their submissions.

The final results (including the verdicts during the frozen time) will be will be revealed after the contest ends with the Saris tools (a video will be shared via social networks).

2 1 year ago K - Koa the Koala

Fixing typo

The input section was corrected. It should be 1 <= a, b <= n; (a, b instead of i, j)

3 1 year ago General

Fast I/O

It is recommended to use fast I/O to read the input and print the output.

4 1 year ago General

Welcome to Caribbean Finals (Qualifier).

- Notice that there might be different time limits per language. Check the time limit hovering the click over (details) next to Languages section on each problem.
- Download the problem set at:
- english:
- spanish: