Frequently Asked Questions

Which programming languages can I use?

The system supports the following programming languages:

  1. C – GNU GCC 5.1.0 / 7.3.0
  2. C++ – GNU G++ 5.1.0 / 7.3.0
  3. C++11 – GNU G++11 5.1.0 / 7.3.0
  4. C++17 – GNU G++17 7.3.0
  5. C++20 – GNU G++20 13.2.0 (64bit)
  6. C# – MS C# .NET 4.7
  7. Java – Java 1.8
  8. JavaScript – JavaScript v8 4.8.0
  9. Pascal – Free Pascal 2.6.4
  10. Python 2.7 – Python 2.7.13 (PyPy)
  11. Python 2.7 – Python 2.7.13 (CPython)
  12. Python 3.5 – Python 3.5.3 (CPython)
  13. Python 3.9 – Python 3.9.16 (PyPy)
  14. Haskell – Haskell GHC 8.0.2
  15. Kotlin – Kotlin 1.3.50
  16. Tigertiger.pdf (101.8 kB)
⚠️ Special notes about Java
There must be a class which must contain a name for the 'main' static methods (functions), this method is the entrance. Your main class name must be 'Main'.

Which kind of input/output can I use?

MOG only supports the standard input and output, the system does not allow you manipulate files, otherwise, will be sentenced for Runtime Error or Wrong Answer.

When I submit a program, which are the possible results?

Here is a list with the possible submission results you can get:

  1. Pending – Your solution is waiting for judgment, this process is generally not very long.
  2. Compiling – Your code is being compiled.
  3. Running – Your program is running.
  4. Accepted – Your program is correct, congratulations!
  5. Wrong Answer – Your solution didn't output the correct solution.
  6. Runtime Error – Your solution crashed during execution.
  7. Time Limit Exceeded – The running time of your program is beyond the problem time limit.
  8. Idleness Limit Exceeded – Your program waste too much time in idle status (IO, CPU waiting, etc.).
  9. Memory Limit Exceeded – The running memory of your program is beyond the problem memory limit.
  10. Compile Error – Your code couldn't be compiled. You can see the errors at the submission's details.
  11. Internal Error – There was an error on MOG system.

Which kind of errors will be penalized during a contest?

  1. Wrong Answer
  2. Runtime Error
  3. Time Limit Exceeded
  4. Idleness Limit Exceeded
  5. Memory Limit Exceeded

Problem Score

Once a user solves a new problem his score will increase in value equal to the problem score. A problem is considered solved if the user accepted it in a real or virtual contest too, thus no extra submissions are needed.

The problem score formula is quite simple: $\large{\lfloor \frac{108}{12 + S} \rfloor + 1}$, where $S$ is the different number of users who solve the problem. The problem score is an integer between $1$ and $10$ inclusive and of course, the more users solve a problem, the lower the score will be.

How to solve A+B problem ?

Given two small integers $A$ and $B$ what is the result of $A + B$ ?

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