PrepCoders : The Coders playground by otero1991 4 years, 8 months ago

PrepCoders is a new free app created by a group of MATCOM 's alumni aiming to help students reaching their ultimate potential by challenging their knowledge on core areas of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

PrepCoders is the ultimate playground to practice and learn new coding skills using the most popular programming languages. It currently offers 10 courses including C# , Python , Java , Javascript , Ruby , Data Structures and Algorithms I and II , Software Engineering and more.

It is an environment that encourages collaboration and positive competition via challenges, a leaderboard, and a ton of exercises to practice within a gamified environment. Use it to prepare for your next test and learn new skills every day.

We kindly ask you to support the guys from Viera Academy by joining now and providing your feedback (it has been just released to the stores).