Dear ICPC participants!

Welcome to the The 2021 ICPC Caribbean Finals (Qualifier) . The MOG team and the judges wish you the best of luck. We hope that you will enjoy the contest and to see many Accepted .

Warmup contest:

March 5th, 2022, 10 a.m.

Real contest:

March 5th, 2022, 1 p.m.

Download the statements here:

LIVE Comments of the competition

Here we will keep you posted with everything that happens during the contest!

[W 0:00] - The warmup contest has just started. In this contest, the teams should check that everything works properly and also get some practice before the real one.

[W 0:00] - UH-Farra got the first AC of the competition in less than one minute A after the beginning.

[W 0:02] - After 2 minutes of the beginning of the competition all three problems have been solved. UH-Farra had first to solve for problem B and UH-Alpha had first to solve for problem C

[W 0:05] - 30 teams have solved at least 1 problem and 6 teams have solved all 3 problems already.

[W 0:19] - 75 teams have solved at least 1 problem and 21 teams have solved all 3 problems. Maybe the Real Contest will be more challenging 😎. The leads of each group are: UH-Farra from Cuba, The Invokers from Preuniversity Teams, optimus from Dominican Republic, the-devs from Trinidad and Tobago, and UH Top from guest teams.

[W 1:01] - Warmup already ended. 126 Teams were able to solve at least one problem, and 71 teams managed to solve all of them. The real contest will start in 2 hours from now. See you all there and good luck!

[0:00] - The 2021 ICPC Caribbean Finals Contests have just started, the best of luck to all the teams.

[0:03] - UH-Alpha opens the standing by solving the problem J with one wrong attempt.

[0:10] - UH Top got the first to solve in problem A at minute 9 with one wrong attempt, and 3N1?M4 got the first to solve

in problem E at minute 10.

[0:16] - UH++ solves problem B and FreesTyle solves problem C in the same minute. So far 5 different problems have been solved.

[0:19] - UH Top is leading the competition with 4 problems, and runner up UH-Alpha has 3 problems. At least 61 teams have solved at least one problem.

[0:20] - Second problem solved by BrainStorm is a first to solve: problem K .

[0:32] - The lead of each group at this point is: UH++ with 4 problems, Frito con Salami with 2 problems, the-devs with 1 problem, ODI Revolution - CBNH with 3 problems (from preuniversity team) and UH Top with 5 problems from guest teams.

[0:33] - Team3C-1 is first to solve problem G and VALKNUT is first team to solve problem M . With this there are 8 different problems that have been solved. Leading team has solved 5 problems.

[1:00] - Top teams UH++ and UH Top are leading the standing with 7 problems solved among all 8 open problems so far. 94

teams have been able to solve at least one problem, with problem J and E being the most populars one. Among all teams

that solved problem A none of them have been able to solve it at its first attempt.

[1:33] - Team3C-1 is the first team to solve problem L , and with it they have 8 problems and 2nd place. Surprisingly they are

still missing the 3rd most popular problem A

[1:52] - Team3C-1 is leading the competition when half of the time have been used. Members from this team are from pre-universitary. Runner ups on that group are: ODI Revolution - CBNH , PJT , OMI CDMX , Team3C-2 , Agramontinos_1 , Shot out to all of them for showing such great perfomance.

[1:57] - UH Top is the first to solve problem O

[2:47] - VALKNUT is the first team to solve problem D

[2:57] - UH Top got its third first to solve on problem F Just 3 minutes before getting into frozen time.

[3:00] - At this point the standings are frozen, and only the teams know the veredicts to their submission. It will be unfrozen at the end of the competition. The top 5 at this point is: UH Top (11 problems / 793 penalty) Team3C-1 (11 / 1032) 3N1?M4 (9 / 844) UH++ (8 / 409) FreesTyle (8 / 594) and VALKNUT (7 / 645)

There are 137 teams that have solved at least one problem. From the number of accepted solutions problems J (125

accepted) and E (112) are the easiest problems. Then there is a notorious jump in complexity and we have

problems M (19) K (18) A (17).

So far there are three problems that haven't been solved by any team: H I N

Unfortunately, it was detected that some official teams committed fraud. This is inadmissible in any type of competition. Competitors invest a lot of time and sacrifice a lot to get there and to obtain a good result. It is not fair that others take the easy way. Especially in the ICPC and in the Caribbean Competitive Programming Community this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The teams involved were:

  • Alpha Code
  • System Breakers
  • Team Cali
  • LCD

These teams have been cancelled from the 2021 Qualifier at and removed from the standings. Also, the involved contestants will be banned from the next ICPC official competition cycle (2022 Qualifiers and the 2022 ICPC Regional contests).

2021CFQG046 2 years, 3 months ago

Muy bueno el concurso