This Saturday took place the 2019 ICPC Latin American Regional. The teams of the Caribean competed together in the Caribbean Finals which is the corresponding sub-regional. This time the winning team was UH++ from the University of Havana with 8 solved problems. In the second place, the team Limitless from Universidad de Oriente solved 6 problems and in the 3rd place, the team UH_wake_me_up from the University of Havana also solved 6 problems but with a higher penalty. We are also very happy because the 5 teams from the University of Havana ranked within the first 7 places of the scoreboard, which is really impressive :heart_eyes: . It is definitely the best group-result an institution from the Caribbean has ever got in these contests.

Since all teams in the Latin American region compete at the same time solving the same problems it is possible to see how our teams ranked in the global scoreboard. Bellow, you can see that UH++ ranked in the 5th place and Limitless in the 18th place. The team UH++ classifies automatically for the ICPC World Finals in Russia but the team Limitless has to wait to see if they get a special slot that is given to the best team from the whole region that has not classified by means of the standard slots. In this case, it seems hard that they get that slot because usually Brazil has 6-7 slots and there are 8 teams from Brazil that did better than Limitless . This is of course just speculation because we don't have yet any official information. In any case, the best of luck to Limitless for getting a slot to the World Finals.

UPD1 : We are very happy to announce that Limitless also got a slot for the World Finals! .

Congratulations to the classified teams UH++ and Limitless that will represent us at the World FInals next year.

UPD2: Bellow the list of all classified teams from Latin America

KhozmoS 4 years, 7 months ago

Amazing Performance by Havana University! Congratulations!