Contest overview

This Warmup session is part of the ICPC Caribbean Finals Qualifier. Its primary purpose is for teams to become more familiar with the MOG platform, while also getting a bit more training. In addition, it will serve as a reference to technically test the platform road to the Real Contest.

Allowed languages : C (GNU GCC 7.3.0) ; C++ (GNU G++ 7.3.0) ; C++17 (GNU G++17 7.3.0) ; Java (Java 1.8) ; Python 3 (Python 3.5.3, Python 3.9 PyPy) ; Kotlin (Kotlin 1.3)

Clarifications will be answered by human judges as soon as possible (the name of the problem should be selected as the subject). The same question should not be repeated. If the answer sent by the judges is "No comments", it means that the answer to the question is in the problem statement. Teams can request clarification in English or Spanish, but judges will always respond in English.

Starts in:


Start date Sept. 28, 2024, noon
End date Sept. 28, 2024, 5 p.m.
Frozen time 60
Death time 0
Teams Yes
Rated No
Registration Closed