Dear ICPC participants!

Welcome to the 2019 ICPC Caribbean Local Contests . The MOG team and the judges wish you the best of luck. We hope that you will enjoy the contest and to see many Accepted .

Warmup contest:
Sept. 21, 2019, 09:30 a.m
Real contest:
Sept. 21, 2019, 10:00 a.m

LIVE Comments of the competition :loudspeaker:

[9:50]: Warmup competition just ended with an impressive result. 12 teams got all problems solved and more than 50 teams solved at least one problem. Congratulations to UH++ and Tixxa++ for solving all challenges in 6 minutes.

[9:58]: 2 minutes for the Real Contest, good luck to all the teams. See you in the standing.

[10:05]: Real competition started already. Download pdf version of the problems using the following links:

[10:15]: UH++ is leading the competition with 3 problems solved (all first to solve), the runner up 3N1?M4 has 2 accepted solutions. The first team of official contestants is Dominiruchi (drc) with 1 problem solved. Too soon to make predictions yet.

[10:32]: ULikeThis becomes the second team getting 3 problems solved. 44 teams have solved at least one problem.

[10:38]: After almost 40 minutes of competitions only 3 different problems have been solved so far. The set contains 11 problems . We have 6 teams with 3 problems solved, 22 teams with 2 problems solved and 27 teams with 1 problem solved. Leading each site:

[10:52]: Follow the competition on Facebook through the ICPC Caribe group.

[11:00]: The first hour of competition is over. Only 10 teams have solved 3 problems. UH++ is still leading in the unified standing .

[11:05]: The team UH_wake_me_up! is the first team that solves problem H .

[11:10]: If UH_wake_me_up! solves the problem problem A could take over the first position! It seems like they already woke up!

[11:20]: Teams UH++ and The Avengers also solved problem H . Now they are the 1st and 2nd  resp. in the unified standing .

[11:30]: ◔ Pac-men ••• has just solved problem D . Yes! The competition is getting more interesting.

[11:36]: There are 5 teams with 4 problems solved. In this order we got the medals and runner up: UH++ , The Avengers , 3N1?M4 , ◔ Pac-men ••• , Limitless

[11:50]: Tommy has solved Problem E !

[11:55]: So far, 6 problems have been solved by at least one team. However, the first place has only 4 problems solved.

[12:58]: testMCL also solved problem E !

[12:05]: UH++ (current leader) is trying problem F but they got Wrong Answer .

[12:06]: UH_wake_me_up! solved problems A and B and is currently leading! This was a risky strategy, since both problems can be solved with the same code, but the easy version is notably easier than the second, as the standing have shown so far.

[12:10]: We have now 7 problems solved by at least one team.

[12:25]: The standing keeps changing all the time! The team 3N1?M4 solved problem D and is now at the 1st position.

[12:26]: Ok that was fast! The Avengers solved problem E and is now leading with the same number of problems as the second place but with 1 minute less penalty!

[12:30]: Wow! This team is really awake! UH_wake_me_up! solved problem D and is now leading with 6 problems .

[12:36]: Team Limitless is trying problem K now, but they got Wrong Answer. This problem remains unsolved together with

problem C , F and I .

[12:44]: The leader from the official participants is the team ◔ Pac-men ••• with 5 problems solved.

[12:50]: We are approaching fast to the frozen time, and the top of the standing seems to be quiet again. Let's take this opportunity to mention top team on each site:

[13:01]: Frozen time just started. From now on, participants will be able to see the results of their submissions, but not from everyone else. We have 83 teams with at least one solved problem. UH++ solved problem E three minutes before frozen time. The standing now:

First place with 6 problems , and following five runner up with 5 problems solved.

[13:30]: The battle for the medals is really exciting. The first 5 teams already have :snowflake: frozen submissions. That means that we will have to wait until the end to see who wins. Everything can happen :fire: !

[13:50]: The frozen time is quite active! There are 108 :snowflake: frozen submissions. All of them will be revealed with the :dancer: dancing scoreboard :first_place: :second_place: :third_place: .

[14:00]: The contest is over ! Mathematically speaking any of the first :five: teams in the current :snowflake: frozen standing could win. It will be really exciting to finally find out who won!

[14:00]: The standing will remain frozen until 5:00 pm (Cuban local time).

UPD: In order to keep the result secret, actions on the platform will remain blocked until the contest is not frozen anymore.

UPD: The standing is not frozen anymore :sun_with_face: . In the video below you can watch the dancing standing for the 50 best teams . The final results are here . In the end, 8 problems from the 11 problems proposed by the judges were solved. In total 87 teams solved at least 1 problem and only 3 were not able to solve any problem :cry: . Watch the video to find out the winners! :stuck_out_tongue:

UPD: The editorial of the contest is ready! There you can find the solutions proposed by the judges to the problems of the contest.

alejandrocastellanos 2 years, 4 months ago

Great Contest, Congrats to every contestant, the organizers of this event and the MOG team. Great job, the information during contest, the problems selection, tutorial of problems, the MOG platform.The CNC will be amazing in a few days.

2019CLCguest16 2 years, 4 months ago

This Blogs is just Amazing! Congrats! Good Luck to All for the CNC.

otero1991 2 years, 4 months ago

Congratulations to all the participants! See you in two weeks 😉