Rating system updated by otero1991 4 years, 6 months ago

Dear MOG users,

We have updated the rating calculation formulas in our system. These are now based on the ones used by Codeforces, which can be found in this post . Additionally, there are some aspects we would like to share:

  • All users with at least one submission (which is not Compilation Error) will be rated. In the first rounds in MOG , it was done like this but in the last ones only the users with at least one AC were rated).
  • Non-rated users will be considered to start with 1300 (base rating).
  • After rating each contest it holds that:
    • a) if the participant j had a worse rating than the participant i before the contest and finished the contest on a worse place, then the new rating of j can’t be greater than the new rating of i .
    • b) if i finished the contest better than j but i had worse rating before the contest then i should have equal or greater rating change than j .
    • c) a user whose rank in the contest is the last place cannot increase rating.
  • One of the steps for computing the new rating of a user is to calculate his/her expected rank . We created a new page for each rated contest, where you can see for each user: the rank in the competition, the expected rank , the old rating , the new rating and the rating change .

The Rating Divisions remain the same:

Green: [1, 1399]

Blue: [1400, 1599]

Violet: [1600, 1799]

Orange: [1800, 1999]

Red: [2000, -]

To keep the rating system consistent, we are going to rerate all previous contests according to the new formulas.

UPD1 : All contest have been rerated. If you spot anything that doesn't make sense, feel free to leave us a comment! You can check the rating changes of all the rated contests with the following links: